Russia is targeting the whole of Europe, Zelensky says

President Volodymyr Zelensky says in a late-night address that Russia’s target is “the whole European project”

Ukraine is ready for a tough battle with Russian forces in the east, he says.

Ukraine’s deputy prime minister says Kyiv has agreed nine humanitarian corridors to help people escape heavy fighting.

Iryna Vereshchuk says all the routes “in the Luhansk region will work as long as there is a ceasefire by the occupying Russian troops”.

The region’s governor Serhiy Gaidai says there will be nine trains on Sunday for residents to get out on.

Military officials in Britain say there’s further evidence that Russian troops have a deliberate strategy of targeting civilians in Ukraine.

They say Moscow is recruiting soldiers discharged from military service up to 10 years ago in response to growing losses.

Ukraine says it’s discovered another mass grave near Kyiv, after Russian forces withdrew from areas north of the capital to focus their assault on the east.

According to the Reuters news agency, an official in the village of Buzova said the bodies of dozens of civilians were found in a ditch near a petrol station.

There’s been no independent confirmation, but a number of mass graves have so far been found in areas around Kyiv.

The Russian army had occupied the area for weeks while surrounding the Ukrainian capital.

There’s been international condemnation of Moscow over alleged war crimes. Moscow denies targeting civilians.

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