During the first Polish President’s visit to Nigeria

From left Omooba Adekunle AYOOLA, Polish Ambassador to Nigeria, President of Poland Andrzej Duda, and Federal Minister FGN

Omooba Adekunle AYOOLA is an entrepreneur in Poland where he runs the International African Enterprise as a trading partner of Afro-Euro Investment business activities founded in Poland in 2007.
Adekunle earned a degree in Political Science from the prestigious University, Collegium Civitas, Poland before proceeding to Lancaster University/ Polish Academy of Sciences, where he earned his Masters’s degree in Politics and Society, He also attended EAD diplomatic school and graduated with an International Security certificate. He is currently the President and Founding Partner at the Global African Dialogue and has organized several projects on African culture and business exchange.
He has participated in several business conferences and summits across continents. He is committed to promoting strong economic growth and development in Nigeria and Africa.

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