Nigerian Ethnic Integration Bill 2022

[1] Couples who marry a spouse who happens to come from a different ethnic group and have an alternative religion will receive a N1m Wedding Bonus

[2] Anyone who builds a house in a part of the country where they did not originate will be exempt from local taxes for 10 years

[3] Government scholarships will be given to students willing to study the languages of other Nigerian ethnic groups

[4] All local government secretariats will offer multi-faith wedding services

[5] Each state government must set aside at least 10% of all appointments for non-indigenes

[6] As from January 1 2022, your state of birth will be your state of origin

[7] Anyone who has lived in a state for up to 10 years automatically becomes an indigene

[8] Every state government must establish an Ethnic Integration Board

[9] Every year, the state with the best integration practices will receive a special $5m grant from the federal government

[10] Incitement to ethnic or religious hatred will attract a five year jail term


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