Photo Series Shows How Climate Change has Impacted this South Sudanese Village

Desperate families in flood-ravaged villages in South Sudan are spending hours searching for water lilies to eat after another summer of intense rainfall worsened an already dire situation.


People have no food and no land to cultivate after three years of floods. Fields are submerged in last year’s flood water and higher ground is overcrowded with hungry people, in what is quickly becoming a humanitarian crisis.


Fangak, one of the worst affected of the 31 counties devastated by the floods continues to lose ground to the rising water.


But the communities displaced along the banks of the White Nile River have nowhere to go to escape the high waters. South Sudan is one of the most vulnerable countries in the world to climate breakdown, according to the Global Climate Index.


Food insecurity, conflict, diminished human rights and financial problems aggravated by Covid-19 have eroded its capacity to cope with recurring extreme weather events such as flooding.

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