The Church Needs Help By Olawale Olaleye

I know this is a debate many people do not want to have. Truth is, we will have it at some points. There’s no doubting the fact that a lot of mentally unstable characters are currently strutting the roads to different Churches and shamelessly gallivanting on the pulpits in spite of their inanities. They are everywhere in Nigeria and have allies in other parts of the world.

Religion is a very powerful tool and if we continue to yield its leadership to known simpletons, who can’t even distinguish between their left and right, then, we are complicating our national woes, unconsciously.

I listened to a certain woman pastor, obviously unstable, saying whoever goes to the US through visa lottery wouldn’t make rapture. Can you imagine that? How do they even come up with such baloney? And some people sat back and listened to a partially mad person teach them how to live their lives with crass ignorance as the foundation of their emptiness?

This particular woman has been trending lately, mainly, for constituting nuisance in God’s name. She has said the most impossible and horrendous things, just to impress a helplessly gullible. Her teachings can only be byproducts of utter insanity and appeal only to hopelessly feeble mind.

Some supposed men of God also call themselves terrible nicknames, fit only for the gutters, yet, in the house of God. It is evident that the various associations believed to be regulating the membership of the different religious bodies only exist in names. They have failed.

Again, this may seem controversial but the time has come for government to whip these crazy lot in line. Lee Kuan Yew, the former Singaporean leader, once said, if government fails to be involved in the lives of individuals in a society and moderate their choices and lifestyles, public life would soon be in jeopardy as a result of their indiscretions.

Please, spare me the bullsh*t of “touch not my anointed and do my prophets no harm”, because the anti-Christ have already dominated the pulpits and also laying claim to this same biblical declaration as cover.

If you won’t let government play a role and put things right, then, you need genuine discernment that is truly of God to identify the rogues that presently populate the Christiandom in the name of Evangelism, which they have since abdicated.

Without overemphasising anything, the pulpit is in dire straits; the elders of the church have lost their place and are drowned in worldly things. It’s at the moment a free-for-all. What is required now is individual intervention for the salvation of all from the grip of these latter days devourers.

The Church, sincerely, needs help. But, first, we must recognise this fact for what it is. The church and the social media are 5 and 6. Methinks!

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