On Adedoyin – Timothy’s Murder Case. What the court can’t rule

On Adedoyin – Timothy’s Murder Case.
What the court can’t rule:

1. That Timothy didn’t lodge in Adedoyin’s Hilton hotel, Ife.

2. That the hotel didn’t initially deny Timothy as their guest.

3. That Timothy didn’t die in the hotel

4. That the corpse of Timothy was not secretly taken out of the hotel for burial without informing the police and his family.

5. That Adedoyin’s Hilton hotel has an officially recognized cemetery. so it’s legitimate for the hotel to bury his dead guest, even without contacting his family.

6. That Adedoyin’s son who’s is the Chief Undertaker that led the illegal burial team is still on the run, escaping from investigation and prosecution.

7. That the whole episode is April Fool which did not happen at all.

Why the panic?
Well, many people have expressed fear that the case may suffer injustice and the young struggling upward mobile Timothy may die in vain as justice may be on sale to the highest bidder, and we know who the highest bidder may be.

I don’t nurse the fear much even though we know that most Nigerian elites are unrepentant criminals, and there’s nothing they can’t buy with money and influence. Name it- elections, positions, certificates, judges, police, journalists, human right activists, pastors, Imams, aljannah, paradise….
But we should be patient and painstakingly follow the case in&out of court with the benefit of the doubt for the trial judge. We must open our eyes and our hearts.

Even if law is no more an ass but now a toilet roll with which the powerful in Nigeria clean their yansh when they defecate, no matter how, the yansh will still smell. In the quest for justice for Timothy and for all who deserve it in this case, we must be vigilant and follow the case seriously and objectively. Like how my late grandma, Iyagbore, would say when as, children, we ran away from punishment, “Iyan ogun odun ni oro e, bo pe, boya, o si n’gbona”
That’s no matter how you run away from justice, you like it or not, you are still going to meet justice, or justice meets you.

Help from Falana.
Femi Falana SAN, a prominent human right/pro-democracy activist just tinformed me that he has accepted to be Timothy’s family’s lawyer, pro bono, I and (all Nigerians of good conscience) appreciate him for this humane gesture and solidarity in searching for justice.

Hamzat Oriyomi, the principled indomitable ace broadcaster who made the case a national and global issue of interest has done and he’s doing marvelously well, I appreciate him for also prompting my interest aside Dr. Oludare Ogunlana, an international security expert, a nephew to the deceased who has also been having sleepless hours to see that Justice is done and seen to be done on this case.

Let everyone of us who want justice done fairly and freely also render their services, creativity and pastime pro bono, be it writing, monitoring, information particularly on whereabout of the run away Adedoyin Jnr.

Again Iyagbore educated us, her grandchildren, that “isu a tenu moro, ki jona” A person who puts everyone in the house on alert that he’s cooking yam won’t have such cooked yam burnt because, invariably everybody becomes the cook in the house.
Justice for Timothy is non negotiable.

Adeola Soetan

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