4 of the most beautiful places to travel to in Africa

A combination of diverse cultures, vast landscapes, and beautiful beaches makes Africa one of the most intriguing places in the world to visit.

With so many incredible places to explore, from lively cities to remote villages and national parks teeming with wildlife, it’s not surprising that millions of people travel to Africa every year. Whether you are hoping to look at some of the beaches in Africa or aim to explore the various safaris across the continent, here is a list of 5 of the most beautiful places to travel to in Africa that you shouldn’t miss!

1. Madagascar: Madagascar is a magical place. It’s like a living diorama and you can easily see everything from lemurs to hedgehog-like tenrecs. You can also have some once-in-a-lifetime experience with things like fossas, which are big cat-like predators that look like they escaped from Jurassic Park. Madagascar also has some wonderful beaches, and you should definitely do an overland tour on Africa’s fourth largest island. There are no elephants or giraffes here, though there might be one or two zebras, and you might even have the chance to see a whale shark. Overall, Madagascar makes for quite a picturesque experience. Remember, there can be lots of mosquitoes in the African continent, so be sure to go prepared.

2. Kenya: Although this may be unknown to some, Kenya is nearly 6 times larger than Rhode Island and offers an incredible diversity in landscapes. From snow-capped mountains on Mt. Kenya and flamingos on Lake Nakuru to safaris that drive right up next to a pride of lions or rhinos, there is something for everyone. Moreover, the Masai Mara tours are especially well known for being sustainable and focusing on wildlife conservation. The people of Kenya are also incredibly welcoming and you’ll quickly find yourself getting lost within their culture. And while you’re exploring Kenya, don’t forget that your time spent there can be filled with adventure—whether it be snorkelling along hippo-filled river banks or kayaking through whitewater rapids.

3. Mauritius: Mauritius is a unique destination, with plenty of opportunities for culture and nature lovers alike. This African island has everything from lush mountains to golden beaches and mangroves, with an abundance of wildlife too—and on top of all that, it’s home to some truly stunning colonial architecture. Plus, it’s relatively inexpensive compared to other holiday hotspots like South Africa and Kenya. If you’re going off-the-beaten path and looking for something a little different, Mauritius might be just what you need. The capital city of Port Louis has a variety of attractions worth exploring, including museums, gardens and historic sites. While in town, be sure to take advantage of day trips to see Aapravasi Ghat or visit Grand Bassin and Flic en Flac. For more secluded spots away from city life, consider heading out west along La Rivière Noire or east towards Le Morne Brabant National Park. The Northern Region features breathtaking landscapes along Route de L’Esperance as well as several lakeside resorts where you can kick back after a long day exploring. It is no wonder that Mauritius had such an impactful role in Robin Sharma’s 5 AM Club since visiting it is quite a unique experience.

4. Zimbabwe: Zimbabwe is a stunning country located between Zambia, South Africa and Mozambique. Zimbabwe is a great place for nature lovers and beach-goers who want to get away from it all. The Victoria Falls are just one of many natural wonders that can be seen when visiting Zimbabwe. The beaches are clean and well-maintained with white sand stretching out into crystal clear waters. Its rich history and culture are an experience like no other. The natural attractions will have you reeling with their beauty, while there’s plenty to do around town as well. Tourists travel from far and wide just to see what Zimbabwe has to offer. There is also a growing interest in STEM and science in the country, which means you will be able to look at some incredible innovations while you travel. It’s a continent-country that no one should miss out on visiting when travelling through Africa.

While Eurotrips have become a norm for the youth of today, the truth is there are very few experiences like that of taking a trip across the continent of Africa. With the high quality of food available, all the important history especially in terms of political victories, and its beautiful landscapes, it is a heartwarming place to keep coming back to.

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